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Operation: Step-by-Step Guide*

OPERATION using 33-55 gallon plastic bags*

Leaf bag holder - operation using plastic bag

OPERATION using 30 gallon paper lawn & leaf bags*

Leaf bag holder - operation using paper bag
*Important Warnings:
  • Keep small parts and packaging materials away from children to prevent choking hazards and suffocation.

  • During assembly of metal components, watch out for potential pinch points

  • To ensure safety, please use the product as intended and follow the provided instructions.

  • Any modification to the product may compromise its safety and functionality leading to unforeseen hazards. Please refrain from modifying the product.

  • When using the plastic bag with the holder, ensure that small children are not nearby to prevent tipping and suffocation hazards.

  • Maintain a safe distance for children and pets at all times to prevent tripping or entanglement. Do not allow children to climb on or play with the bag holder.

  • Be cautious on uneven surfaces or inclines. Adjust leg positions and ensure full bag support to prevent tipping, especially when full.

  • Do not use the holder as a step ladder or stool. Climbing or standing on the holder is prohibited, as it may collapse and cause injury.

  • Be cautious: bag holder legs may spread widely depending on bag size used, posing a tripping risk for both users and passersby.


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