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NiftYard Adjustable Yard Waste Bag Holder

Make yard work easy! Suitable for every trash bag and every yard space, NiftYard takes the

stress out of those seasonal cleanups, and gives you some time back.

Leaf bag holder spring clip images
Wastebag holder sprong clip
Waste bag holder clip on the string

Features & Benefits

Tallest Adjustable Frame on the Market (36 1/4")

Allows for maximum bag utilization, ensuring you can collect more waste and make the most out of each bag.

Durable Construction

Made from anodized aluminum alloy, stainless steel hardware, and a 22mm (roughly 1") diameter frame, ensures longevity and resistance to bending, and rusting.

Tear-Prevention Clip Design

Unique curved clips secure a snug fit of the bag, prevent tearing and facilitate easy adjustments. They consist of:
• ABS plastic — for long-lasting use
• Super tough spring providing a strong grip
• Stainless steel spring material for rust prevention
• Wide and textured surface for easy gripping and operation
• Hole trough for tying to the frame for loss prevention

Sturdy String Ties

Robust nylon strings ensure all bag clips remain securely attached to the frame, preventing loss while removing a full bag


Durable frame constructed from aluminum alloy ensures longevity and resistance to bending. Anodized surface resists the rust and discoloration, providing long lusting luster and appeal.

Leaf bag holder aluminum frame

Improves holder stability

Crossbar for leaf bag holder support

Made from stainless steel and durable plastic

Leaf bag holder crossbar connection


304 stainless steel material prevents wire from rusting, while the soft vinyl coating ensures a good grip and smooth rotation around the frame pipe.

Wire holder for paper yard bag
Wire holder for lawn paper bag


Precision-manufactured tee connector with stainless steel hardware ensures seamless movement during leg adjustments.

Yard bag holder tee connector
Large Lawn
niftyard leaf bag holder on the slope

Adjustable design allows NiftYard to be used on slopped yards and rugged terrain*.

Man walking with folded leaf bag holder
Portable and lightweight

Effortlessly fold down and move your NiftYard around, making yard work more efficient and less strenuous. Foldable design saves storage space.

Non-slip rubber cap for the leaf bag holder leg
Rubber leg caps

Slip resistant material ensures stable operation without scratching surfaces, meaning you can use NiftYard anywhere.

Niftyard Leaf Bag Holder packaging box
Niftyard Leaf Bag Holder accessories

Niftyard arrives in a sturdy box, complete with accessories and a comprehensive assembly and operation manual printed in color.


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Use Cases & Scenarios: It's More Than a Leaf Bag Holder

When to Use NiftYard

Household: Gardening, decluttering, and DIY projects.
Seasonal: Spring/fall c
leanups, weeding.
Special Events: Cookouts, community events, parties.

Where to use NiftYard

Residential: Yards, gardens, garages, and sheds.
Professional: Restaurants, offices, and construction sites.
Outdoor Activities: Camping, backyard parties, and outdoor events.

Types of Waste NiftYard Can Handle

Yard Waste: Leaves, grass clippings, and bush trimmings.
General Garbage: Regular trash, recycled items, and debris.
Construction & DIY: Sawdust, small tree limbs, and paper shredding.

Grass clippings in Niftyard holder bag

Get Your NiftYard Yard Waste Bag Holder Today


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*Please exercise caution when using the holder on a steep slope to prevent accidental imbalance, especially if the bag is too heavy and

 not securely placed on the ground, as it may disrupt the holder's stability.

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